Peter Korolov Photography/Social Media

Peter Korolov

Peter was walking through the woods one time, after Google Maps led him astray on his way to Wegmans. Suddenly, a large angry bear leapt from behind a tree and lunged at him! Peter darted out of reach and began running panicked through the woods. The bear was hot on his heels, his hungry maw lathered with spittle. Just as the bear was about to catch him and devour him, Peter tripped over a root and tumbled down a hill into a lake. The bear patrolled the shore, waiting for him to climb out. Peter had no choice but to swim to the other side. Sopping wet and covered in weeds, he finally dragged himself onto the shore and collapsed. How was he going to get home now? And there, he spotted an old rusty bicycle, abandoned by its previous owner who had likely encountered the same bear. Peter hopped on and biked home, as the bear wailed in the distance over its lost prize. That’s when Peter realized, “hey! I could be a triathlete!”

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