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I’ve always been an active person, but I would have never thought it would turn into dipping my toes into the world of triathlons.  I grew up swimming, sprinting, mountain biking, and dancing–so how hard could it be.  Well, for one, I’m not a runner. Watching my husband and his dedication and passion with running (which turned into triathlons) encouraged me to see what I could do.  And so it started!

My journey began with signing up for the Sehgahunda Trail Relay through Letchworth State Park.  I kind of hate running, so why did I do this you ask?  I wanted to see what I was capable of.  I know it’s not a crazy long distance, but I had never ran over a 5k prior to this.  Believe me, I’m not fast in the least, I’d probably classify myself as a turtle.  But if I sign up, in my head that means no backing down.   So I trained.  Did i get every workout in on my calendar?  No, but I was doing more than ever and my body and mind thanked me for it.

My friend Jessica, part of my Sehgahunda Relay team, started poking at me to sign up for the Syracuse Half Marathon with her.  What was she thinking? Again, I really am not a fan of running.  I must have gone soft on a particular day, because all of a sudden I said yes. Training, training, and more training.  Each week pushing myself further and further.  It definitely helped having Jessica training beside me and always giving me encouragement. I did it, my legs were jello at the end, but I did it.

If we’re going to play this game, then it’s mine turn.  I started poking at her to sign up for a tri.  After all, I grew up swimming, I love biking…how hard could it be. Sodus Point Triathlon was on the agenda. On to more training and then…open water swimming was a wake up call for me.  Till this day I still have anxiety putting my head down in open water. So the practice swims in open water were few and not good ones. Also, getting in the training with two small children and a husband that travels was a lot harder than expected.  Race day came and I wasn’t sure what would happen. It definitely took me for a loop.  The swim wiped me out.  My anxiety and breathing was out of control which didn’t improve the rest of the race.  I did finish, but I wasn’t happy (I have plenty of photos that show that).  I felt defeated and I swore I wouldn’t do another triathlon.

So, I have been sitting back and cheering on my husband and friends as they do this amazing sport.  That’s all well and good, but slowly I realized I can’t just sit back and watch this!  I’m a strong woman and I know I can do better.  I shifted my mindset and have decided I can’t leave it with that one bad experience.  So I’ve signed up for another tri.  Like I said, that means no backing down.  Let’s see where I end up.  Musselman Sprint (July 2018) here I come!

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