David Price Assistant Race Director

David Price

I started getting into fitness and running in 2011—I was overweight 5”10 at 245 lbs., out of breath playing with my son and needed a change to be healthier and a role model for my kids. The first race I did was the Warrior Dash, and found it tough, but I did it and knew that I could do more. I started working out and changed my eating habits.  Slowly, I got to running more and wanted another challenge—my goal was Tough Mudder in 2012. I started training in January 2012 and the Tough Mudder was at the end of April. I ended up losing 55 lbs. and completing the Tough Mudder. I saw what I could do. It was a lifestyle change for myself and my family. Soon came 5k’s, Half Marathons, and Marathons. These were challenges, but I continued with my training and had the support of friends, family and other athletes. Then I thought, “What could be my next challenge and adventure.” That’s when my best friend and fellow race partner said let’s try TRIATHLONS.

My first triathlon was in 2014 and figured I would give it a TRI to see if I would like it. Well, I have fallen in love with a sport that I thought crazy and insane people do. Four years later I will have three sprints, five Half Ironman distances and one Full Ironman under my belt, as well as three Ultra Ragnar’s.

One of the things I love most about triathlons is how athletes help each other, whether before, in transition, during/after the race, or while training. I am lucky enough to meet, train and race with amazing athletes and look forward to meeting new athletes that enjoy a great adventure.

We look forward to bringing that new adventure to Silver Lake with the Silver Serpent Triathlon in Perry, NY. We have done open water swims, biking, and running at and around Silver lake. The views never get old. What better way to see Silver Lake than to Swim, Bike and Run around it!

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