Dave Fulle Finish Line Coordinator

Dave Fulle

I’ve been competitively running and separately, cycling for years. Last fall I combined them and finished my first duathlon (run, bike, run) and I loved it! I’ve always been uncomfortable with water because like many kids, I almost drown when I was little. This made me intimidated to compete in a triathlon. For the first few months of 2018, I was expanding my running and cycling with the intent of adding in swimming.

The local HS pool opened at 5:30am so I would wake up at 5am to be in the pool for a 5:30 swim before the kids had to get on the bus and before work. The first few times that I tried to swim were failures. I would arrive at the pool and not leave my car. As I watched Ironman athletes arrive, I felt intimidated. I had gotten up, dressed, gotten ready, and driven to the pool to be afraid to go into the building. On February 9th, 2018, I swallowed my fears and soon started a regular appearance at the pool.

I started to swim one to three times per week at the pool depending on my wife’s work schedule.

I hate open water. I remember as a kid, every time we’d go tubing or water skiing and I fell, the time it took the boat to get back to me was SO long. I hated floating there in the water. The water is deep. There are big scary things down there. There are big scary things in my head about the big scary things down there. I started open water swimming in May, 2018. The first time was both a fail and a win. I tried to swim when the water was still really cold and when I put my face in the water, I sucked in a lot of water. I probably swam less than 200 meters that day. However, I got in the water. I went back after that and had my wife take the stand up paddle board out while I swam so every time I turned to breath, I could see her. She balances me, calms me, and keeps me from freaking out. As the 2018 summer went on, I’d have my wife and kids take kayaks out and paddle next to me while I swam. I swam with my father in law once or twice, a friend a few times, and did one solo swim.

My first triathlon was in June 2018 and I finished with a time of 1 hour 20 minutes. I finished in the top 20% and I came in 39 overall out of 209 and 4th in my age group our of 14. Swim time 14:25 at 1:38 per 100’s, bike time 38.14 at 19.45 MPH, run time 24.33 at 7:55 pace.

My second triathlon was supposed to be in August 2018 but due to injury, I skipped the event.

My third (really second) triathlon was in September 2018 and due to injury and less training, my time was 1 hour 33 minutes. I finished in the top 25%.

I’ve also completed six half-marathons, the Black Fly Challenge and the Ossian Giant gravel grinders, various 5K’s, the 2017 Finger Lakes Sprint Duathlon, where I ranked 1st in my age group, the 2018 Seneca7 Bike team (winter edition).

After my second tri in September, 2018, I decided to sign up for the Mussleman 70.3 (half Ironman distance – 1.2 mile swim, 56 mile bike, 13.1 mile run) triathlon in July 2019.

I’m not a great triathlete and I don’t expect to make it to Kona. I am trying to better myself and I’m trying to be healthy and inspire my kids. I want to gracefully grow old with my wife. What goals are you setting?!

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