Brian Brotsch Sponsorship Coordinator

Brian Brotsch

I just recently got into the sport of triathlons, this summer I will complete in my first sprint distance. I’ve been running for the past few years and since my wife is crazy and just keeps signing up for races, I thought I’d leave the “support crew” and join in the fun of being a triathlete.

When my wife and I started running we did a few 5k’s, I’ve always thought about doing a half marathon but it wasn’t until 2016 that I actually did my first one, and then went on to complete the Rochester 4 Seasons Challenge. This past year I received my first road bike and took some swim lessons to get ready for my first tri. I have enjoyed adding those sports into my training, and gaining confidence to complete my planned races.

I joined the Wolfpack with my wife and I love being a part of this club and everything it has to offer. I am so excited to help them bring the idea of the Silver Serpent Triathlon to life.  Contact me for sponsorship opportunities.

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